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 2024 Oklahoma Labor/Management Conference

May 8 & 9, 2024

Oklahoma Labor/Management Conference

OLMC Conference Attendees:

We are pleased to announce that the

Oklahoma Labor/Management Conference will be held

May 8 & 9, 2024.


Agenda Overview







The morning session begins with Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn addressing the attendees, followed by Laquetta Jones Bigelow, FMCS Director of Equal Employment Opportunity giving a presentation on Alliances, Aligning and Action: Empowering Ourselves for Active Allyship



The  afternoon session will start with Carmen Martinez, OSHA Oklahoma City Area Director giving an update on OSHA statistics, followed by Beth Schindler, FMCS Associate Deputy Director of Field Operations' presentation on F.M.C.S. - Your Partners in Problem Solving, and Kristen Simpsen, Attorney with McAfee & Taft giving a presentation on Oklahoma Unemployment Law.


A Mixer will be held from 5:00 - 7:00 pm. 





The morning session will begin with Charlie Plumb, Attorney with McAfee & Taft giving a presentation on Religious Accommodations in Employment, followed by Leroy Skinner and John Rasmussen, FMCS Commissioners speaking on Dealing with Difficult People.

The afternoon session will begin with Christina Toon, Attorney with Ironside Law Firm and Patricia A. Podolec, Attorney at Law speaking on Arbitration Preparedness: Strategies and Insights from Employee Advocates, followed by Tony Puckett, Attorney with McAfee & Taft giving an Update on Labor Law.

There will be Door Prize Drawings afterwards.


Committee Members

Richard Wilkinson
John Doern

Texoma Conflict Resolution Center

Jimmy Curry
John Rasmussen
Tony Puckett
Leroy Skinner
Richard Lane
Ben Moody
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